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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get a refund for bookings?

All bookers are subject to Hotel Terms and Conditions. There is no refund after booking. Bookers can modify their stay dates.

Can i transfer my booking?

Yes. You may authorize to transfer your booking by booking under different name.

How is different from other booking engines? is unique as compare to Online Travel Agent (OTA) because we are selling our accommodation booking by Daily, Short Term Rental (STR) or Long Term Rent (LTR). It mean that bookers can choose to book either daily or longer stay say i.e. 30|60|90|180|365 nights or more to achieve better rates. shall only collect one month booking from booker and the balance will be payable to Landlords directly. Know your client (KYC) will be screen before LTR bookers are accepted by Landlords. Landlords shall have absolute discretion to accept or reject any bookers. Bookers will be allocated to other property by searching at

What is Privilege Club benefits? offers to all Privilege Club members special rates, services and terms of usage. All prepaid are GUARANTEED by MSIG Insurance. Privilege Club members can choose to book any accommodation at anytime without expiry date. Bookings can be transferable to different name and etc.  

What are the procedures in using Privilege Vouchers?

After purchase Privilege Vouchers, all agents will be provided JEFFREY BRANDON CORPORATE VIRTUAL MASTER CARD to pay all online bookings, products and services at Charges are incurred should agents purchase other online products and services other than :

  1. Book directly @ then;
  2. No claim required if voucher is used.
  3. Claim at AGENT DASHBOARD (for ad hoc bookers with no voucher)


  1. Book directly @ 
  2. Use your JEFFREY BRANDON CORPORATE VIRTUAL MASTER CARD to pay online or pay at hotel upon check-in.
  3. No claim required if voucher is used.


  1. Book directly @ 
  3. No claim required if voucher is used.

Transferring to other bookers

  1. Authorization to transfer booking by email : or click to fill in JBP PRIVATE RESERVATION form.

How agents commission is paid?

All agents commission shall be paid directly through JEFFREY BRANDON CORPORATE VIRTUAL MASTER CARD internationally.  

Is a Direct Selling, Networking Marketing or MLM company?

Absolutely "No". Professionals are not allowed to conduct Direct Selling, Network Marketing or MLM system. c/o Jeffrey Brandon Property E(3)1783 is a professional real estate company which registered in Malaysia under The Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVEAP) that diversify into Hospitality business which consist of Online Accommodation Booking and Hotel Management.

Accommodation leasing business is part of real estate agency business which consist of Sale, Leasing and Property Consultation. Therefore, all our appointed agents are qualified real estate negotiators. Our negotiators can refer another qualified negotiators to join our company through referral system. Therefore our negotiators are paid on commission by sale performances.

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